Something about us

Brand Purpose
“Helping Mama & Papa make the best choice for the baby “

Vision statement
” To be the most trusted, loved and reliable baby store in the market”

Mission statement
“Giving thoughtfulness and care to make baby clothe shopping a satisfying and effortless experience”.

Buyer persona.

Classy Bella & Papa.

Our Unique Selling Proposition.
Online business model and excellent customer service.

Brand voice.

We are authoritative but not bossy, friendly but not timid, funny but not sarcastic.

Brand values

(i) Authentic.

(ii) Passionate.

(iii) Reliable.

(iv) Care.

(v) Leadership.

Awareness goals.

Online ( website, social media) and Offline (office, biz cards, flyers, brochures, packaging, t-shirts, company phone number, teardrops)

Brand Personality.

The innocent- Sage personality as dominant (70%) and the Everyman as (30 %).

Marie Martín